Comprehensive Business Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity is a necessity

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Always be online and feel safe about your corporate information, data and business processes, by insuring against your company for the risk of possible cyber attacks.


Our 24/7 security operations centers backed by the most qualified and experienced cyber security experts and insurance coverage guarantee your peace of mind at any time.


The proactive and innovative security approach to Internet threat prevention and insurance products safeguard your IT infrastructure and financial stability.

We are providing the highest level of cyber security solutions.

Safe working environment

We take care of your Internet security at the workplace.

Cyber risk management

We take care about risk prevention, management and mitigation.

Secure cyber environment at home

We protect your Internet security while you are at your home office.

Emergency response in case of accidents

We make the right tech decisions in difficult situations in case of actual cyber attacks.

Prevention against cyber incidents

We protect you from cyber incidents and dangers in the digital world.

Cybersecurity policies

We build cybersecurity company policies that ensure business's peace of mind and usability.

Early notification of cyber threats

We make sure that you are well informed about up to date threats in the digital world.

Malware protection

We protect your IT systems from malware and phishing attacks, so that you are one step ahead of attackers.

Our Cyber Insurance Policy

Established in 2018, CyberLev is an insurance agency focusing on cyber insurance policies. While we don’t rely on pure luck, we’ve analysed a vast amount of statistical data to recognize that cyber insurance would be the next trend in the insurance business, even when companies weren’t interested in cyber insurance at all, or knew it even existed. As time passes by, more and more companies start to identify that cyber security is a serious and very real threat to every organisation. With the newest mass trends of ransom attacks even small enterprises fell victim. Nowadays it is very unlikely that any serious business would even consider saving on cyber insurance policy and the coverage that it provides.

Risk Minimisation and Protection

Just like any other insurance policy the cyber risk is a well calculated possibility of cyber incidents within a client’s IT infrastructure. Unlike other insurance policies with a cyber insurance policy we are able to measure that risk very precisly and go beyond it, by providing a continious monitoring and support to our clients.

It is in our best interest as well as in the interest in our clients that insurance claims never occur. Therefore we make sure that cyber security incidents do not happen with our clients, by monitoring their networks and systems and providing them proactive protection around the clock. As you know cyber criminals never sleep, so do our cyber experts, who are always on the watch to minimise and eliminate the risk of a compromised client’s system. Ongoing assessment, mitigation, and remediation allow us to always be a step ahead of any attackers.

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